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  • Eagain WINS!

    AD by Jeff Sprick | PIC by MNShotz
  • Perfect Attendance - JAN 2020

  • Bigger-Stronger-Faster

    These players were at every Eagan Trained workout this past week (01/09). They made a commitment to get better everyday. #NoExcuses #BiggerStrongerFaster @EaganTrained
  • Player meeting w/ Coach NJ

    A lot of excitement at the football meeting on 01/16. It was great to see so many players attending! #ClimbTheLadder @Eagan_Football
  • Lead-Accountable-Disciplined-Determined-Empower-Resilient

    Gotta love it when you have a player staying after to help the middle school kids! Way to go Nate!! @Eagan_Football